Hi there!

My name is Mike, and I'm web developer. Here you can see my works.

I have started developing websites when I was studying in college. For now, web development became a part of my life. I'm following for new technologies, I do not stop learning, tracing new technics and mechanics. So, I really interested in world of web.

I've started with simple pages, just HTML+CSS. Then, I learn JavaScript and PHP. After that, I have used most popular CMS like «Joomla!», «Wordpress», «MODx Revo». I also have knowledge in SQL.
For example my course work is a simple showcase-store with dashboard, written by me on PHP and SQL. Also it's not a problem for me to edit templates or functions in CMS and frameworks. Anyway, you can see what I can do in works section.

And here you can see my current skills:


  • HTML

    I have good knowledge in HTML including HTML5 specifications. Proper use of elements, tags and semantic will help your site be more SEO-optimized.

  • CSS

    Today, the appearence of website elements relies on CSS. That's why knowledge in CSS are important. Styling of select element? Adaptive layout for proper look on different devices? Not a problem for me!

  • jQuery

    Mostly, for front-end programming, I use jQuery. Need a pop-up? Manipulate with elements? Contact with PHP by AJAX for update data in/from database without reloading page? I can do that!

  • PHP

    I written a little showcase-shop in PHP, with dashboard where you can edit/add/delete goods and categories, and front-end part.

  • Wordpress

    Wordpress became a most popular CMS in web. I have enought knowledge to customize templates and plugins, or even create them.

  • Creative Suite

    I perfectly know Photoshop, because I enjoy photography since 2008. As it turned out later - the PS is one of the main tools for Web-designer/developer. I can make page-proofs of mockups with pixel-perfect precision. I also begin to learn Illustrator - for example logo and features icons on this site are drawn by me.


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