Web site for Social activities club

Objective: create a website for educational institution.

It's all began on internship, while I was studying in college. The mission of internship required to create a website for the institution. At the beginning I created a simple site with few pages on HTML and CSS. News page, unions page with info about clubs (social activities clubs, hobby clubs and etc.), and about page. I also added a flash-gallery. Director of institution began to understand that website is really needed.

After intership has ended my website won in nomination "Best design".

Intership was over, but, like I said before - this website was really needed. Director asked me to support this site. So, considering the facts (frequent news, new pages may be needed) I decided that I need to use CMS. Wordpress was chosen.

At that time I have not a lot experience in working with CMS, but it was easy for me to understand Wordpress. It was not problem for me to customize and edit templates and plugins.

All graphics (with the exception of font icons) was drawn by me.

Logo: logo

Headers on homepage - changing with seasons.

At this moment site working on latest Wordpress version with customized Virtue theme.

Soon, I going to update this site (in visual and fucntional aspects).

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